16 July 2024  |   मङ्लबार, साउन १, २०८१

Awareness Program on Tuberculosis Day

मिसनटुडे संवाददाता
प्रकाशित मितिः बुधबार, चैत्र १४, २०८०  

Ganga Dhar Poudel

Kohalpur Municipality Health Branch has organized a meeting on the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day-2024 at Kohalpur intersection on Sunday. On the occasion of the day, a public awareness rally was organized at People Chautara at Chauraha.

Speaking at the event, Ishwari Prasad Bishwakarma, coordinator of the Social Development Committee, said that the increasing number of tuberculosis patients in the municipality is a matter of concern.

He requested the general public not to underestimate tuberculosis and to be aware. “Tuberculosis should not be taken for granted,” he said, “it can kill people prematurely.”

Anil Singh Thakuri, Head of Public Health of Kohalpur Municipality, said that the meeting was organized along with a public awareness rally to reduce the number of tuberculosis patients in Kohalpur Municipality. He requested the residents to be alert as tuberculosis patients are increasing in Kohalpur Municipality.


प्रकाशित मितिः बुधबार, चैत्र १४, २०८०     5:04:51 PM  |