16 July 2024  |   मङ्लबार, साउन १, २०८१

Nemraj is earning more at home than abroad

मिसनटुडे संवाददाता
प्रकाशित मितिः बुधबार, चैत्र १४, २०८०  

Ganga Dhar Poudel

Nemraj Yogi Tharu of Bardia left at a young age. Tharu, who left at the age of 17, is now back home and enjoying business.

Nemraj is making a living by running a pot shop in front of the old bus park in Kohalpur municipality. Due to family situation, Nemraj went to Malaysia after giving SLC. After spending a few years in Malaysia, he decided to return home and do something here.

And, by investing according to his ability, he started the pottery business. “To do a big business, you have to invest a lot,” he said, “I have started a business with a small investment according to my ability.”He did not want to go abroad like the common youth. But due to the family’s financial situation, he had no choice but to leave the country. He had to give up his studies too. On top of that, sick mother at home!

Medicines must be arranged.As my mother was always sick at home and the financial situation was poor, I went abroad to help with household expenses,’ he said, ‘I spent about 3 years suffering abroad.’ He used to work as a painter abroad. This work was not so easy. After all, where is the job done by Nepali youth going abroad?

It is said that the work done by Nepalese youth abroad is called ‘Three D’ ie ‘Dangerous, Dirty and Difficult’. Nemraj was also employed in this work.After returning home, Nemraj got married.


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